09/01/2022 – John Baptizes Jesus

Tanggal: 09/01/2022 Activity: Paper Cup Craft 1. Print page no 2. 2. Colour the picture at page no 2. 3. Cut ‘John the Baptist baptizing Jesus’ picture along the border and paste it to the blue cup. Then, paste the bible verse at the bottom of paper cup. 4. Cut the cloud and dove pictures […]

02/01/2022 – Jesus visits the temple

Tanggal: 02/01/2022 Activity: Scroll Colouring 1. Print page no 2. 2. Colour the picture at page no 2. 3. Trim along the border and paste it at another colour paper; or just trim off the wide margin of page no 2. 4. Glue one jumbo craft stick on the top, the other on the bottom […]

26/12/2021 – Simeon Sees the Saviour

Tanggal: 26/12/2021 Activity: Help Simeon find his way to baby Jesus to see the Saviour, by completing the maze! Bahan Tambahan: Simeon-Sees-the-Saviour-26Dec21.pdf Guru: Maria Widjaja

19/12/2021 – Jesus is Born

Tanggal: 19/12/2021 Activity: Build the cradle for the baby Jesus Bahan Tambahan: Jesus-is-God-19-Dec-SM-Instructions.pdf Guru: Maria Widjaja

12/12/2021 – Mary hears and believes the good news

Tanggal: 12/12/2021 Activity: Instructions: 1. Print out and colour the picture. 2. Cut out the wings on the right side of the picture. 3. Glue the wings on the back of the angel. Bahan Tambahan: Mary-hears-and-believes.pdf Guru: Diana Lie

05/12/2021 – God sends John

Tanggal: 05/12/2021 Activity: Instructions: 1. Print out the picture and colour it. 2. Cut out the box that written the baby’s name. 3. Cut the dotted line on the writing tablet that was hold by Zechariah to create a slit. 4. Insert the baby’s name in the slit. Pull upwards or downwards to hide or […]

21/11/2021 – God’s Plan for His new creation

Tanggal: 21/11/2021 Activity: Instructions: 1. Print out the picture. 2. Do colouring on the pictures. 3. Cut out the pictures. 4. Fold each gate on the dotted line to create a hinged tab. 5. Prepare the paper base. 6. Glue the tab for each gate onto your picture of heaven so the gate can be […]

14/11/2021 – God sent the Saviour

Tanggal: 14/11/2021 Activity: Activity 1: Matching pictures Activity 2: Let’s make heart cross craft!   1. For the black background, you can either: print page 2 and cut the black rectangle; or cut black color paper 12cm x 17 cm. 2. Print and cut the patterns at page 3. You will need one big cross, […]

07/11/2021 – God clothed Adam and Eve

Tanggal: 07/11/2021 Activity: 1. Cetak file ini. 2. Warnai kedua gambar di atas dan di bawah. 3. Potong gambar menjadi 2 bagian atas dan bawah mengikuti garis petunjuk di tengah kertas. 4. Gambar yang di bawah berjudul “Help Cover Adam & Eve!” setelah diwarnai, potong bagian kanan yang berisi gambar baju, mengikuti garis petunjuk. 5. […]

24/10/2021 – God’s Covenant of Life

Tanggal: 24/10/2021 Activity: 1. Colour it all. 2. Cut everything following its shape. 3. Use glue and stick the wood stand inside the big box. 4. Paste the rectangle boxes on the wood stand. (God’s Covenant of Life is at the top) Bahan Tambahan: Gods-Covenant-of-Life.pdf Guru: Angelis

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