Tanggal: 14/11/2021


Activity 1: Matching pictures

Activity 2: Let’s make heart cross craft!  
1. For the black background, you can either: print page 2 and cut the black rectangle; or cut black color paper 12cm x 17 cm.
2. Print and cut the patterns at page 3. You will need one big cross, one small cross, one big heart, one small heart and one memory verse banner.
3. Glue (or foam taped to make it pop!) the small cross in the middle of the big cross.
4. The big heart come in the middle of the small cross.
5. The small heart come in the middle of the big heart.
6. Glue the memory verse banner at the below of the cross.
7. Show this craft and tell today’s bible stories to your family and friend =)!

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