20/12/2020 – Saviour is Born

Tanggal: 20/12/2020 Activity: Coloring and cutting Bahan Tambahan: Activty_20Dec2020_Nativty.jpegStable-1.pdfNativity-1.pdf Guru: Esther

01/11/2020 – Obey God and be strong

Tanggal: 01/11/2020 Activity: Word search Bahan Tambahan: Jeremiah.pdfCall-Of-Jeremiah-Alphabet-Soup.pdfCall-Of-Jeremiah-Alphabet-Soup-_-Answer.pdf Guru: Cahyadi

04/10/2020 – Always Obey God

Tanggal: 04/10/2020 Activity: Word Search Bahan Tambahan: Joash.pdfJoash_answer_key.pdfjoash-fact-answer.pdfjoash-fact.pdf Guru: Cahyadi

06/09/2020 – RE : Obey GOD even when it is Hard

Tanggal: 06/09/2020 Activity: CROSS Word & Games Bahan Tambahan: Sunday_School_Activity_06Sept2020.jpegReady-to-play-some-games.pdfSamuel_-God-Chooses-a-King-Crossword-_-Sermons4Kids.pdf Guru: Cahyadi

23/08/2020 – Doing What God Say

Tanggal: 23/08/2020 Activity: – CROSS WORD & – WORD SEARCH Bahan Tambahan: Achan_Disobeys_The_Lord.pdfRahab_Obeys_The_Lord.pdf Guru: Wei – Wei

09/08/2020 – Thanking God for His Goodness

Tanggal: 09/08/2020 Activity: ini adalah activity untuk sekolah minggu tgl 09 Aug 2020 Moses Lifted up Snake in the Desert. Terima kasih. Berikut adalah steps nya: 1. Mewarnai pola 2. Menggunting pola 3. Agar paper doll bisa bediri, lipat bagian sisi samping tiap paper doll (please refer to the sample) dan rekatian bagian yg diarsir […]

02/08/2020 – Honouring the Leader

Tanggal: 02/08/2020 Activity: Cross word & Word Search Bahan Tambahan: Activity_02_Aug_2020_korah-.pdfActivity_02_Aug_2020_Cross_wrod.jpeg Guru: Cahyadi

26/07/2020 – Learning to Trust and Obey GOD

Bahan Alkitab: Bil 13 – 14 / Num 13 – 14 Tanggal: 26/07/2020 Kategori: sm-sore-p12 Ringkasan: Moses had chosen 12 men from each tribe to explore the land of Canaan and bring back the report. When the spies went into Canaan, they looked at the cities, farms and people. They also saw some foods growing […]

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